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Electrik Gem

Saturated guitars, revisited traditional group, explosive percussions, choir composed by sensual and wild voices, Electrik Gem is just like the Mediterranean cities, a musical impressionism suggesting existing townscapes or those to come.

Awena Burgess : vocal

Christine Clément : vocal

Jeanne Barbieri :  vocal
Grégory Dargent : electric guitar, direction
Yves Béraud : accordion, vocal
Lior Blindermann : oud, vocal
Dimitar Gougov : gadulka
Jean Lucas : tuba, trombone
Jean-Louis Marchand : bass clarinet
Nicolas Beck : tarhu

Ruben Tenenbaum : violin
Vincent Posty : bass
Frédéric Guérin : drums
Etienne Gruel : percussions

Fabien Guyot : percussions

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